Becoming an MRDA Member League:

Being part of MRDA comes with certain benefits and responsibilities. Some benefits include: ability to compete in MRDA Sanctioned events and tournaments; access to discounted insurance options, with built in reciprocity with WFTDA; having a voice in the direction of men’s roller derby. Since you will have voting rights, you will be expected to dedicate a certain amount of time to committee work and contribute to regular organizer discussions.

To Prospective Members:

Applications will be accepted from January 1st through September 31st of each year. Member leagues that are accepted will be required to pay an entry fee of $250 within 31 days of acceptance..


(Last Updated: 7/10/13)

In order to become a member of the Men’s Roller Derby Association, your team/league must

  1. Have a Fully rostered Men’s Team consisting of at least 10 skaters
  2. Be Skater-Owned and Operated
  3. Play by the MRDA/WFTDA Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby
  4. Have Played 5 Full-Length Bouts as a Team
    - At Least One Bout hosted by Applying League
    - At Least One Bout against Current MRDA Team
  5. Have at least 1 Letter of Recommendation
  6. Submit an MRDA Application


1. Full Men’s Team consisting of at least 10 skaters:

The Men’s Roller Derby Association encourages the advancement of men’s flat track roller derby. We firmly believe that the development of men’s derby should start from the ground up: skaters getting together, learning the game and playing together, as well as growing the sport within their community through recruitment. The required number (of a minimum of 10 skaters) is for the purposes of admittance, after acceptance each Member League is expected to adhere to its own membership regulations and requirements. The goal is to ensure that the organization can maintain stability through consistent team membership.

2. Skater Owned and Operated:

In the tradition of flat track roller derby, we will only accept leagues and teams that are skater owned and operated. The MRDA is operated by skaters, for skaters.

3. Plays by the MRDA/WFTDA Ruleset:

The MRDA/WFTDA Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby is identical to the WFTDA ruleset, but with gender neutral pronouns. The MRDA/WFTDA Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby have stood the test of time: Seasoned refs and organizers have standardized and refined the MRDA/WFTDA rules based on thousands of hours of game play; MRDA skaters have helped to develop, coach and play by these rules. This ruleset is constantly evolving and we will continue to promote that evolution.

Visit our Resources page for a copy of the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby.

4. Has Played 5 Full-Length MRDA Regulation Bouts as a Team

Why is this important? The idea is that you have a cohesive group of skaters who train together and have developed a unique team identity, follow MRDA/WFTDA rules, and adhere to appropriate safety guidelines as is required for the use in sanctioning bouts. Public bouts demonstrate you have a functional team/league.

Full Length Bouts are 60 minute, public, interleague competitions between a team in your league and a team on another league. They may be part of a doubleheader. These bouts must be MRDA Regulation Bouts which are any game played under the current MRDA rule set. Such bouts are not counted toward rankings and may be played against MRDA and non-MRDA men’s teams.

Local Bouts
Bouts played in front of a local audience are just as important as travel. They not only increase fan base and awareness within your league’s community, but also help your league generate revenue to sustain itself as a business. You must organize and host at least 1 local bout.

Employing guest skaters to play as part of your ‘team’ is highly discouraged and may keep you from being considered. If you’re not sure if your bouts meet the MRDA’s criteria – please contact our Director of Member Relations. Questions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

5. At Least 1 Letter of Recommendation

We would like to hear from one of the teams that you competed against in a bout, to get their impression of your efforts towards the values that the MRDA is looking for in it’s member leagues. Sportsmanship, bout production and many other factors are those details that really help in our acceptance process.

6. Submit an MRDA Application

All applying leagues must submit an application complete with the Letter of Recommendation and Rosters for all bouts counting towards eligibility. It will be required that all submitted rosters be signed off by the opposing team’s captain complete with contact info for that league.

Download MRDA Membership Application

When complete, email it to the Director of Member Relations.

What to Expect:

After your application is submitted, Please allow up to 3 weeks for your application to be processed and put before the membership. Once the application is deemed complete and requirements are met, the MRDA member leagues will discuss and vote on your application.

For more information on becoming a member league – please contact our Director of Member Relations.